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Before couples have kids, they have a completely different perspective on what their investment fund portfolio should look like. However, once the kids comes, several huge adjustments come into play which change the way they see their investments. First of all, before kids, it is common for both partners in the marriage to work. Continue reading

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After Hungary’s Premier Viktor Orban took 3 trillion forint from private retirement funds to fill the massive deficit, many citizens are seeking investment funds abroad. There is a general feeling of discontent amongst Hungarians that the government won’t secure their investment fund savings. Continue reading

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In Hungary, private health funds have yet to catch on as they have in western countries, especially the United States. While citizens may complain about the lack of personal care and long waits in the doctor’s office, Hungarians still choose the “free” OEP plan. However, big changes to the public health fund could push people to the private sector. Continue reading

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Many Hungarian dual citizens are lucky because they can choose the country where they would like to have their retirement saving funds. This can mean a lot more money for the future by choosing the right place and utilizing the best tax tactics. Continue reading

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Hungarians faced a tough choice last winter: either put your private retirement funds into the state’s fund or lose your state retirement fund. This move is designed to help the struggling country get out of its deficits and back into the target zones as defined by the European Union. Continue reading